Everybody-Stay-Calm-bookEverybody Stay Calm

At Last – Practical Help for Parents in the Healthcare System

International author and paediatrician Dr Angela Mackenzie lifts the lid on the best kept secrets and techniques that healthcare providers use to keep children calm and relaxed so they experience less distress, and more comfort, even in emergencies.

You'll discover:

  • Secrets to building your confidence in a medical setting
  • Essential steps to help prepare your child for medical tests
  • Practical skills that will transform your child's experience of medical treatment
  • Benefits of collaborating with healthcare professionals - It's okay to speak up!
  • Real gems from the stories if parents who have been there
  • How to avoid the most common mistakes that parents make
  • Where to get further help if you need it



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Praise for Everybody Stay Calm

This excellent book tells parents what they need to know to help their children become more confident in coping with health care procedures. Highly recommended for all parents, and for the health care providers who interact with them.

Carl von Baeyer PhD, Professor of Clinical Health Psychology, Professor of Paediatrics and Child Health, University of Manitoba, Canada

 It is fundamental to our notion of care that children should be 'in the best possible hands' whenever they visit hospital or their local clinic for medical treatment. This book, simply and clearly, explains how parents too can remain confidently ‘hands on’ to prepare, guide and give comfort to their children and ultimately support a child’s experience of medical procedures. This book has much to say not only about the delivery of medical care, but about managing anxiety, parenting and child development. So welcome always to learn more about how the relationship between children and parents can be assured and empowering.

Rod Carne, Clinical Psychologist

 This book contains a wealth of information that I very much wish our family had been equipped with at the beginning of Tristan’s journey. It will help make medical encounters easier to navigate for families and children living with a medical condition requiring ongoing treatment.

Angela McNicol-Smith, Tristan’s Mother

 A wonderful clear explanation of current neurological understanding confirms what we already know - that the medical procedure world is a jungle and our children need their parents and all adults to support and advocate for them for minimal trauma and maximum benefit. A must read for all who care for children.

Sharon Wood, Registered Nurse and Mother

When my daughter was four she was required to have exploratory surgery. As her parents we were underprepared as was she for what was to come. The whole experience has deeply impacted on my daughter where even as a nine year old she still makes reference to her operation. I wish Angela’s book was available to us then. Things would have been a lot different!

Anthony McLean, Parent, Author, Persuasion Strategist

 As a mother I have a strong instinctive drive to protect my child. I have felt that I have betrayed the trust that my son has in me by subjecting him to painful procedures. The powerlessness I have felt – and that my son has felt – has been terrible. I felt both relieved and liberated to have this reframed for me in this book. It was wonderful to know how much I can do to help, and how supporting my child through challenging situations (like medical procedures) provides opportunities for him to develop resilience and strength.

Jane Tracy, Mother and Director, Centre for Developmental Disability Health, Monash University

Angela Mackenzie has combined medical and psychological evidence with common sense, experience, insight, and empathy to write a comprehensive guide to the best experience for children undergoing medical procedures. The well constructed book with illustrations, examples, and summaries ('At a glance') is 'for everyone who looks after young children' and is directed particularly at parents and caregivers.

It would be valuable to guide conscientious parents, but its comprehensive content suggests a potentially important role generally to inform doctors and nurses in hospitals and in health care services where children are subject to needles and other potentially painful procedures, and to enable them to work effectively with parents.

David Champion MB BS MD FRACP FFPMANZCA, Director, Pain Research Unit, Department of Anaesthesia and Pain Medicine, Sydney Children`s Hospital, Associate Professor, School of Women`s and Children`s Health, University of New South Wales.