There's no doubt that children are one of the most precious gifts we can ever have in life – from day 1 we nurture them, care for them and love them. But when it comes to comforting them at a medical visit or treatment, as loving protective parents, quite often we feel lost and scared about what to say or do to help our child.

Now for the first time, comes a breakthrough book that reveals the secrets and special tips from parents and healthcare providers, who understand and work with children in a medical setting. This book is a MUST HAVE for loving parents and carers, and an essential resource for serious professionals.

Help your child today. Step up and become an empowered parent, by learning new techniques and practical strategies to MAKE YOUR CHILD FEEL SAFE, COMFORTABLE AND SECURE whether it's a routine immunisation or an emergency operation.

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Listen to a parent's experience   Patricia Cameron-Hill launches the book